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Bold & Reeves have a unique way of managing their stable of properties

Bold & Reeves are market leaders in the property industry, in terms of innovation and PropTech in home maintenance. They have a unique way of managing their stable of super prime London properties by using an online system to remotely monitor each property. This use of PropTech allows Bold & Reeves to monitor, assess and identify faults in equipment such as boilers, air conditioning, swimming pools, satellite tv, alarms, refrigeration, electrical systems etc. When a problem is identified real-time alerts are sent out to the B&R experts. They do this by installing sensors on all the key assets which are measured for a normal pattern and if this deviates there is an alert setting to Bold & Reeves. This system provides peace of mind and a demonstrable record of risk management for insurance benefits. The service is bespoke, proactive, carefully planned and meticulously managed. Clients will have their own personal property manager who will plan, organise and oversee every aspect of the service and deal with all expert trades people.

Bold & Reeves clients have seen two key benefits from the implementation of a preventative maintenance programme being implemented on their properties. Firstly, the number of issues within the property, which are often annoying and disruptive, is reduced meaning that they spend less time having to worry about fixing them. Secondly, they have seen a drop off in the actual running cost of their property. This is borne out by actual client data.

Clients via an iPhone app are provided with an electronic property maintenance logbook which records all activities undertaken and provides valuable continuity enabling customers to see, check and change their schedule for complete confidence and control. This will avoid expensive emergency providers and will add value to the property when it is sold because potential purchasers can see the full service history. The Conveyancing Association has suggested in the past that all homes in the future should be sold with an electronic logbook.

Written By/Featured in Sloane Square Magazine