We manage luxury properties in London making use of our world-leading software which we created – “Software designed by Property Managers for Property Managers”.

Read on to learn more about our London luxury property management service. To learn more about our PropTech solutions visit our tech site.

At Bold & Reeves our core mission is to increase the value and reduce the total cost of ownership of luxury homes in and around London.

We do this by focusing on our client’s needs, innovating our services, and by building a company culture based on integrity, care and understanding.

Assets Under Management – 937,000 sq ft
65% houses, 35% apartments

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You service your car regularly, right? But do you service your home?

We help time-poor homeowners manage their properties so that fewer things break down and running costs are reduced. You'll get a personal property manager, have access to our black book of vetted contractors (we call them partners) at reduced rates and be able to manage your home using our unique online logbook. We can remotely monitor critical assets like boilers and water pressure so that even if the house is empty, we're protecting it. And when the property is sold it has a detailed track record of servicing and care. Just like your car!

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Bold & Reeves clients are owners of luxury properties in and around London, but who often live overseas. Like many high net worth people they are time-poor and cost-conscious, and vulnerable to exploitation from their supplier network.

Our team of experienced property managers helps to mitigate these risks, by working with our curated partner network to minimise our clients’ exposure, and consistently reduce the total cost of luxury property ownership as they do so.


Our Bold & Reeves property manager is a breath of fresh air – professional, approachable, efficient, adaptable and, most importantly, able to work with us. Congratulations on an excellent fit – it’s great to finally have the house running in a hassle free manner.

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In the same way as a full service history improves the value and saleability of your car, the Bold & Reeves online logbook utilises technology to record the dynamics of every intervention that is made on our client’s behalf, while presenting this activity back to our clients in real time.

Over time not only does this demonstrate unparalleled levels of care and upkeep for our client’s homes to potential buyers, but also uniquely consistent savings in ownership costs, as their properties are enhanced. They are left feeling supported, trusting, richer in time and money, and hassle-free.

40% UK-based clients, 60% overseas

Contact us on +44 (0)20 7408 7590

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Bold & Reeves offers a different way to manage your property.

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Residential asset management for prime and super-prime homes is about managing, maintaining and monitoring our client’s properties.

At Bold & Reeves we take responsibility for the implementation and expenditure of all associated activities, working with our curated partner network to oversee the details of every intervention, generating data-supported savings as we do so that consistently compound over time.

Our clients spend an average £6 per sq foot per year on the management and maintenance of their home

Contact us on +44 (0)20 7408 7590