At Bold & Reeves, we base our approach around four simple propositions which we believe put us way out in front, in the London block management game. We currently work with some of the most prestigious developments in London.

Landlords and homeowners alike know that the common areas of a building are a key indicator for the value and saleability of the homes therein, and the overall success of any kind of block, complex or tenement.

Our friends in an estate agency often speak of clients who are shaking their heads before they have even crossed through the front doors to view prime or super-prime homes. Who wants to spend seven figures on a property surrounded by neglected, sub-optimal or even dilapidated shared parts? It sounds an unlikely scenario but experience tells us this is surprisingly typical to many of London’s prime residential blocks and compounds.

That’s why Bold & Reeves offers Managing Agent Services as part of our overall property management capability. Whether you are a freehold owner of a serviced apartment block, serving on a committee for the same, or a homeowner living in any building or development with shared parts, our approach represents a new standard to archetypal block management and maintenance services that are often found in our industry.

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We'll take the hassle out of building management.


Key services for landlords include:

  • Scheduling planned maintenance
  • Surveys & assessments
  • Security management
  • Insurance
  • Section 20 notices
  • Residents communications, including newsletters


With access to our online platform, we’ll provide all financial services necessary to run your building:

  • Planning & budgeting
  • Service charge demands & collections
  • Bank account provision
  • Supplier invoice management & payments
  • Service charge accounting & auditing