Air Conditioning Repair: don’t get ripped off!

Depending on which weather forecast you follow, there is still a week left of high temperatures here in the UK. And with recent trends pointing towards hot springs and Indian summers, many people are currently installing air conditioning in their homes for the first time… or researching the air conditioning repair options that many of our clients put off.


Bold & Reeves: Disruptive in the Best Possible Way

‘I can’t believe you’ve done this so quickly!’ Said a client to us recently from the Wentworth Estate.Shortly afterwards we were asked to take on their second home at the same site, from the outgoing managing agent (a blue-chip name in UK property).


Five Tips For Post-Crisis Property Maintenance

At Bold & Reeves our core intention is to reduce the total cost of ownership for prime residential properties, and minimize the amount of stress in our client’s lives. And in the forthcoming period, where it may well be easier to save money than to earn it, and everyone is under pressure to adapt to extreme change, we believe now more than ever before that our mission will see us through.


London’s Block Management Experts

Here at Bold & Reeves virtual HQ, we’ve just sent off our latest brochure to the printers. London block management is changing beyond all recognition – both from within, and in terms of the new emerging context of the post – coronavirus world.


Bold & Reeves: Making Property Management Look Easy

We are on a mission at Bold & Reeves to simplify property management and make our customer journey as easy as possible.

At a recent brainstorm at B&R HQ in South Kensington, we asked ourselves some existential questions. Why are we in business, what we do differently, how we do it, and who exactly our clients are.