Developers of prime or super-prime residential homes and buildings have long been confronted by a common challenge that is unique to their offerings – the prospect of on-going work to projects following practical completion. Nothing can destabilise a developer’s workflow, cash flow and profitability like issues that require complex and continuous management.

At Bold & Reeves we take full accountability for this issue on behalf of our development partners, and our Residential Asset & Risk Management offerings were designed specifically with such unknown quantities in mind. As such our range of services are now being offered by several developers as a part of the sale price across their portfolios, ensuring autonomy and peace of mind for both vendor and buyer, as their new developments launch and fulfil their promise.

We are confident our value proposition represents a line in the sand for developers of prime and super-prime homes, minimising the risk of losing valuable resources in past projects after practical completion, and elevating the entire transactional experience for both sides in the process.

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A unique offering to enhance post sales customer service

Developers have not typically offered post sale servicing and management of the newly developed property to a purchaser. We provide developers with a unique service providing defects management and post sale property management.

If you don't have the time or capacity to provide post sales customer services then we can help you set yourself apart from your competitors. We'll manage the defects liability period on your behalf, liaising between the new homeowner and the main contractor to ensure that snagging is managed painlessly. We report regularly to you on what is being done in the property and enable you to negotiate a reduction in retention at the end of the period. Convenient and good value!

We'll also set up the service schedule for the property so that you can sell it with full servicing as part of the offer.