Five minutes with… Sarah Ward, Interior Designer and Co-Founder of Ward & Co

Sarah Ward has run her eponymous interior design company for more than 30 years, but now comes an exciting new chapter as she re-brands the firm to Ward & Co with her business partner of seven years – daughter Rosie.


The mother and daughter duo and their team deliver luxury finishes to prime residential and commercial properties for private clients and developers in the UK and abroad.


Bold & Reeves has a bright start to Spring

We hope you’re keeping well during these difficult times.

Our New Five Minutes With …. Series

We welcomed 2021 with an exciting new series on our blog of five-minute interviews with a host of property experts and industry partners. Our first back in January was with Fraser Slater, founder and chief executive of Ludgrove Property, a research-driven prime London property buying agency, sourcing properties for home-owners, investors, family offices and developers.


Property Management Software Meets The Art World

Art does wonderful things to the brain. It stimulates emotion, ignites conversation and arouses inspiration. Art can transform a house – you might walk into a sitting room and be greeted by the bright comic strip of a Roy Lichtenstein, or head out onto a balcony and spot the familiar bright red balloon shape of a Jeff Koons sculpture.


Prime Central London Investment: Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of our series on investing in the Prime Central London property market. In part 1 we looked at how the PCL recession looks anomalous in terms of its length and in the context of vast amounts of quantitative easing.


Prime Central London Investment: Part 1

In previous years, Prime Central London (PCL) has enjoyed consistent annual price growth with limited downside. It has made the area one of the world’s leading real estate markets for investment. However, as the coronavirus pandemic swept across the globe, some distinct changes to the industry have come with it.