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Proptech Manages Super Homes

Bold and Reeves, a London property management company, has dedicated employees who happily respond to their clients at any time – day or night. That’s impressive, but they also use proptech to manage their stable of super-prime London properties. Their online system remotely connects to each property to monitor, assess and identify faults in boilers, air conditioning, swimming pools, satellite TV, alarms, refrigeration, electrical systems and more.

If a problem is identified, alerts are sent to the B&R experts, via sensors on all key assets which are measured for a normal pattern – if this deviates, an alert goes to Bold & Reeves. The system provides peace of mind and a demonstrable record of risk management. Clients have a personal property manager who will plan, organise and oversee every aspect of the service.

CEO, Bill Shipton says clients see two key benefits: a reduction of issues in the property and a reduction in running costs of their home. Clients use an iPhone app with an electronic property maintenance logbook which records all activities undertaken, providing continuity, enabling customers to see, check and change their schedule for complete confidence and control. This will add value to the property when it is sold as potential purchasers see the full service history.

Written/Featured in: The Negotiator