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Delivering High-End Property Management From The Very Start

At Bold & Reeves, we are proud to deliver the best high-end property management in the business. So much so that our very name is carved from old English turns of phrase relating to exactly this.

The etymology of ‘bold’ comes from Middle English, a form of the English language that was spoken after the Norman conquest in 1066 (the only date anyone remembers from history lessons) and until the late 15th century. The word was used to describe a house, from a simple dwelling place to a mansion or castle. And the term has gone on to mould our modern vocabulary, such as ‘build’.

Meanwhile, the latter part of our name has Anglo origins. A ‘reeve’ was used to describe an administrative official, from a senior authority of an estate or the manager of a manor. It is the root of well-known words today, such as sheriff, originally coming from ‘shire-reeve’.

And so the role of property and property management is embedded in everything that we do. But we aim to do more than the bare minimum. We are experts in high-end property management. That’s because another one of origins was as the property manager for a high-net-worth family. Without any real infrastructure in place for the level of luxury care they needed for their property, we set about creating a proptech company that delivers best-in-class services.

Complete convenience through our high-end property management services

We understand the values that are the most important to high-net-worth individuals. Time and convenience are the most important two. With every single job taken care of and unlimited access to our extensive network of vetted partners, clients don’t need to be concerned about looking for the right people to fulfil their high-end property management needs. We pay all the partners on their behalf and clients get just one invoice. Clients don’t have to worry about dealing with external contractors, which makes tracking expenditure really simple.

A team with high standards

At Bold & Reeves, each property gets its own dedicated property team available every hour of the day and night, so clients only need one number to call. Our team can be contacted through our app with just a click of a button. Our proactive approach and focus on planned management ensure that preventative maintenance, where required, will reduce breakdowns and consequential disruption to a client’s home.

The bigger picture

The extensive documentation of our high-end property management in the logbook not only helps clients manage their property, but can also help to reduce insurance premiums. We’re able to introduce homeowners to insurers who appreciate the value of our risk management approach. Our unique Property Service Certificate will impress any potential purchaser of a property and help to maximise the return on investment.

Alongside this, we have a number of different partners and contacts who can help with a client’s requirements, whatever they might be. From finding the best education for children to some of the best interior designers in London.

We know what works best in high-end property management – it’s in our name after all. For more information on our services, please contact Henry Browne: