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The Rolls Royce of Building Management Services

Bold & Reeves started life back in 2012. Our founder, Bill Shipton was looking to solve a problem. He was running the residential property portfolio for a Middle Eastern family and couldn’t find the luxury property management solution he needed. As a result, he launched Bold & Reeves – the “Rolls Royce” solution to building management services.

What sets us apart?

The key ingredients to Bold & Reeves are our unique combination of building management services managed by a personal property manager, and bespoke technology. We have revolutionized the marketplace, not only filling a gap in the marketplace but adding technical innovation to launch the property industry into the future.

What’s the role of the personal property manager?

When you join Bold & Reeves, you will be allocated your own personal property manager. They are available 24 hours 7 days a week to deal with any maintenance issues that you have with your property. You can call them directly or simply message them via the app for complete ease.

They work with experienced and vetted tradesmen from our partner network (aka our Little Black Book) to deliver an agreed schedule of planned maintenance to ensure that your luxury property runs smoothly. Not only that, but they are available at a moment’s notice to attend to your property when there are any breakdowns in equipment, infrastructure or items within your property.

How do you combine this with bespoke technology?

When you join Bold & Reeves, we include an audit as part of our building management services. All the information captured from this audit will be recorded in a logbook – an electronic platform that monitors and details all the elements of your property maintenance. You can access this platform via the app or online portal. From this point on, every maintenance task that is carried out or scheduled will be recorded in the logbook and you will be able to track the full history of building management services ever performed on the property.

We recommend a periodic schedule of services. We’ll be there to ensure it happens on time, that it’s cost-effective and that every last detail is recorded in your logbook. All of this gives you complete peace of mind in the process.

How do I sign up?

Joining the Bold & Reeves platform couldn’t be easier. Simply get in touch with Henry Browne ( and he will have you set up in no time. You’ll never look back once you experience this “Rolls Royce” of building management services.