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Cut Down On Costs For Property Management- How We Can Help With The Increase In Bills

Recent news reports have shown that the cost of living is increasing, with the cost of filling an average car hitting £100 for the first time. Energy bills, the cost of food and even the price of a cup of coffee is rising. As a result, people are looking to save costs where they can, including costs for property management.

As experts in London property management, we manage the maintenance budgets across some of the city’s biggest and most expensive houses. Through the specialist care of our property managers alongside our advanced tech, we help save costs for property management through constant planning, scheduling and analysis.

Here are some key ways we help cut down on costs for London property management:


1. Cheaper fees than the regular service charge

At Bold & Reeves, we offer cheaper rates per square foot than most in-house service charges. In fact, the service charge only covers the cost of maintenance in communal areas whereas we can provide our services across communal areas as well as inside individual apartments. For those who want to ensure their vacant property is well looked after, we can offer additional management services alongside the service charge that is already in place. We will provide more insight on this in a future post – so stay tuned.


2. Preventative maintenance

Scheduled preventative maintenance is one of the most important ways we save costs at Bold & Reeves. When a client joins Bold & Reeves, they undergo a full property audit to provide an in-depth overview of the status of the property and all the electrical items and components within it. From there, we plan a full annual schedule for all the elements of the property. This is put in place to ensure that everything is regularly maintained and aims to prevent faults or problems developing that would end up costing large sums to fix.


3. Negotiated costs with contractors

Over the years we have developed a trusted little black book of partners, who we can rely on to provide a regular service at a set price. This means that even if you need urgent care at peak times, such as an air conditioning repair during a heatwave, we can guarantee that our partners will offer fair prices.


4. Budget analysis

Our unique technology allows us to record all of the expenditures on property maintenance at a client’s property. This means that they can track how much is being spent and saved in comparison to previous years and months. What’s more, we provide scheduled meetings to talk through why costs are being spent and how we can support cost savings in the future.


If you are looking for more information about the costs of managing your property, please get in touch with Henry Browne,