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4 Easy Steps To A Smooth Onboarding Process In London Property Management

As Bold & Reeves says goodbye to 2020 (hurrah!) and hello to 2021, we look forward to welcoming a host of new clients. For those looking to find out a bit more about our onboarding process within London property management, we’ve broken it down into four easy steps. Through these simple phases, we aim to provide you with complete convenience, peace of mind and value for money when it comes to your property management.

Property Audit

We aim to have a detailed understanding of your property from the outset. This is achieved by conducting a comprehensive audit, which is essentially a property health check. This normally takes place within the first two weeks of taking over the management of your property and will identify elements that require periodic and preventative maintenance.

The audit is conducted by our expert property managers, as well as any additional specialists if required. It will help identify any current faults and problems with the fabric of your building, as well as any preventative measures that might need to take place. Within the audit, we will also review your current service maintenance agreements (SMAs) and operation and maintenance (O&M) manuals, and create an inventory of all your electrical items within the property.

Logbook Setup

Once we’ve completed the property audit, all of the information above, as well as floorplans, will be stored in an electronic logbook. Any details that you have supplied in hardcopy will be scanned in so that they can all be accessed on the same portal.

Within the logbook, we will create a schedule of reactive tasks of things we found, alongside a detailed maintenance schedule. This will list all the required maintenance activities, the recommended frequency, and the annual cost for each maintenance activity. We’ll also provide any recommendations regarding the retention or replacement of current maintenance service suppliers.

You will have access to this logbook at any time in order to provide complete transparency as to who did what maintenance task, when and for how much, the invoice, and when they were paid.

Meeting The Team

You will be assigned a dedicated property management team who you can contact 24/7. This enables us to provide a bespoke and personalised approach, while also adhering to our systematic maintenance process.

Your team will oversee the planned annual maintenance schedule, which will likely include bi-monthly inspections as well as remote monitoring of all critical assets on the property. We can remotely monitor maintenance issues such as heating, air conditioning, water pressure, water flow and temperature, to minimise stress and costs.

Access To Our Partners

When you join Bold & Reeves, you will have access to our coveted “black book” of vetted sub-contractors (we call them partners) with whom we have negotiated discounted wholesale rates. This ensures complete transparency so there is no chance of being exploited by the supplier network.

All of these steps will show the demonstrable care with which you manage your property and, in turn, help to reduce your insurance premiums. We can introduce you to insurers who appreciate the value of our risk management approach, and, to help with this process, we can provide you with a Property Service Certificate. This certificate demonstrates to both insurers and future prospective purchasers the maintenance regime that has been conducted on the property.

To all our partners, current clients and future clients, we thank you for your continued support and we hope 2021 brings a brighter, more hopeful time. We hope you have a restful holiday and we look forward to seeing you all in the new year.

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