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Winter Property Management: Our Top Tips

Nobody wants to return home during the cold winter months, only to find the pipes have burst or there’s a leak in the house. At Bold & Reeves, we consistently manage, maintain and monitor your home to ensure freezing temperatures don’t wreak havoc on your property. With our extensive experience in winter property management for homeowners,  large and complex buildings, we know the exact checklist you need to look out for at this time of year.

Carry out repairs early and often

During the winter, freezing temperatures can be devastating for a property that’s in need of repair. It’s important to address any outstanding issues before we enter the colder months.

Whether your roof needs re-tiling, damp patches need investigating, or gutters need cleaning, Bold & Reeves will carry out a proper maintenance check to identify any problems. When a client joins our service, we make sure each property is given an electronic log book with details of the full initial audit. The audit identifies key elements of the property that will require periodic, preventative maintenance, so we know exactly what repairs will be needed and when.

The key to successful winter property management is to remain proactive rather than reactive, and not let small issues turn into major disasters. This not only helps to give you peace of mind but can save you thousands, reduce stress and even enhance the value of your property.

Check the pipes

Burst pipes are a common problem for properties left alone during winter – and it is a top priority for winter property management. When pipes freeze, pressure can build up behind the section of the pipe and force it to burst, resulting in floods, damp patches, leaks or even the destruction of a property. When left too late, this can be hugely stressful and expensive to resolve.

To prevent any of this from occurring, Bold & Reeves provide consistent maintenance checks to ensure that pipes are lagged when appropriate, that they are well protected before temperatures drop, or that heat runs through them a couple of times a week.

Our maintenance schedule is planned a year in advance and is agreed upon with you beforehand. This enables us to apply a preventative regime that minimises the risk of breakdowns. As well as this, our “black book” of vetted sub-contractors (we call them partners), means you get the best service from industry experts, but at wholesale prices. We provide absolute transparency throughout the whole process; you can track the progress of any repairs in your logbook and view the initial bill from the partner.

Keep the property warm

Nobody wants to spend December in a woolly hat and coat in their own home, so it’s essential to make sure all the radiators in the house are in good working condition. This might mean bleeding the radiators or making sure hot water is flowing evenly throughout the house.

We provide regular heating system checks at various intervals throughout the near, as per the agreed maintenance schedule. We also provide bi-monthly inspections to ensure nothing is missed.

An efficient boiler and heating system not only prevents damage but also saves money in the long run and ensures all your systems last longer. We can look at other ways to help properly insulate the home too, from major work, such as double glazing, to smaller projects, such as lining the attic.

Monitor the property remotely

In this age of digital technology, anything is possible, which is particularly helpful for winter property management. At Bold & Reeves, our remote monitoring system keeps an eye over the critical assets in your property and we will know before you about any recent or impending issues that need fixing. This enables us to remotely monitor everything from heating and temperature to water pressure and water flow.

Your property manager, who is available 24/7, will oversee your account so you don’t have to worry and they will notify you of any relevant updates. You can check up on all the work that’s been undertaken in the logbook at any time of the day, anywhere in the world.

This is particularly useful for unoccupied properties, and we will continue to monitor your property around the clock and mobilise our partners immediately whenever there is a problem so you have absolute peace of mind. All of this helps to reduce costs, relieve unnecessary stress and can have a significant impact on insurance costs.

Speak to your property manager to find out about winter property management services at Bold  & Reeves, or get in touch with us here.