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Property Management for Homeowners: Winter Proof Your Home

Winter is coming! There are reports this month that there might be a dump of snow soon, which means that it’s time to start winter-proofing your home. No idea where to start? We provide expert winter property management for homeowners in London and know all the tricks of the trade when it comes to staying warm over the colder months. Here are five ways we can check on your home:


  1. Block out the cold

To ensure you don’t lose the heat that you’re pumping into your home, we can check the areas of your property that are the coldest, such as doorways and windows. Where it’s needed, we may need to install draft excluders and repair any fixtures to keep the cold outside. You can also turn off the heating and shut doors in the rooms that you don’t use to save on energy bills. We can check the walls too – cavity wall insulation helps to boost your property’s value and saleability, while also reducing your energy bills.


  1. Check radiators

To ensure that your radiators are working properly, they may need regular bleeding. By bleeding radiators, you can ensure that the heat is pumping around the house regularly and effectively. We can also take small steps to make the most of your energy-saving, such as fitting reflective foil on the walls behind radiators, to keep warm energy in the property.


  1. Regulate your heating and boiler

By using our remote monitoring solutions, we can monitor and time the temperature of your home. Our unique boiler management service means that we install remote wireless sensors across the boiler and pipework to monitor the flow of water 24/7. If the boiler fails, due to a drop in pressure (such as a leak), we get a notification and can solve the problem immediately. We can also assess your boiler to see if needs upgrading or repairing.


  1. Insulate your pipes

By insulating the pipes between your hot water cylinder and boiler, we can help reduce any heat that’s lost and keep your water hotter for longer. This can help reduce energy bills and help prevent any breakdowns.


  1. Check the roof and gutters

Now that we are in autumn, it’s a good idea to keep on top of leaves and debris that fall into pipes and block them. Overflowing gutters can drench walls and cause serious damage. It’s also important to check on your roof to ensure it is working properly and that there are no missed tiles or any damage that needs repairing – this can be extremely costly if it’s left to get worse. Spending a little bit now on our property management for homeowners can save you lots in the long run.


For more information on property management for homeowners in winter, read our blog Winter Property Management: Our Top Tips or for any questions or further enquiries please get in touch with Henry Browne,