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Bold & Reeves’ Property Management Services For This Winter

We are nearly in the throes of winter. People are wrapping up in scarves and coats, festive markets are popping up all over London, and mulled wine is becoming the go-to drink of the season. For us, the biggest occasions on our calendars this winter are our property management services for our clients.

Whether you’re looking for a vacant property to be looked after or for a home to be ready so that you can enjoy it over the festive season, we are on hand. We can prevent small issues from developing into serious catastrophes through our dedicated services. Our Winter property management services include:

Health check

If you’re not already a Bold & Reeves client, your property will need to undergo a property health check to make sure all components are working correctly and serviced. This will include suggestions for any updates in time for winter.

Regular servicing

From the health check, we will then curate a schedule of planned maintenance. This will ensure that the relevant systems are checked, according to when parts need to be updated or serviced, or when they will need to be prepared for changes in season, such as radiators for the winter.


We will provide all of this information in a logbook so that you can keep track of planned maintenance, reactionary maintenance and all the costs for this work. We upload all the contractors’ invoices to the logbook but provide our clients with just one monthly invoice for ease of payment.

Property manager

Your personal property manager will ensure that all tasks are updated on time and to budget. They will also ensure that any planned maintenance is completed efficiently in time for any cold weather.

Partner network

We work with a curated list of partners who are able to service your house at competitive rates no matter what the season or demand. This ensures that you always get the same level of exceptional service that you would expect from Bold & Reeves at any time of year.


For more information on our property management services, this winter read one of our latest blogs ‘Winter Property Management: Our Top Tips’. Or alternatively please speak to your personal property manager or get in touch with Henry Browne at