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How Remote Property Management Can Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

After a client has joined Bold & Reeves, we undertake an audit and then recommend the best property maintenance plan for them. A key part of our solutions and success are remote monitors, which not only help with the maintenance of a building but can also be used to reduce the carbon footprint of a property.

What is remote property management?

Remote property management involves physically fixing remote monitors to pieces of equipment, such as pumps, boilers and lifts, in order to keep track of the input and output. When the data tells us there is a dramatic change, we go to the property to check the system to ensure it is working properly, and if not, fix the problem.

We work with Infogrid, which uses the world’s smallest sensors to monitor buildings in real-time. The low-cost, zero-maintenance and wire-free solutions make remote property management easy to install and affordable. What’s more, all of the data that is collected can be picked up by clients and our property managers at any time of day, so the problems can be fixed immediately.

How does remote property management drive sustainability?

Everyone is looking at ways to be more sustainable, and our homes are a key area to focus on. Yet, many of us don’t know where to begin in making improvements to the way they are run.

However, through remote monitoring, we can monitor and optimise a property’s performance and understand which parts of the house are being used more often than others. This means you can reduce the energy being used on those areas of the property. We can also look at ways to reduce energy and water consumption by monitoring when critical assets are used at key times of the day and when they are not. Remote monitoring also shows which areas may have issues, such as leaking or damage, which means they aren’t performing as efficiently as they could. We can then fix any problems and ensure that systems are working at the most effective level.

After we install monitors, we can then analyse and translate that data into useful insight and change the way the property is operated. We are able to provide reports to clients to show where we have reduced energy output and also where we have made suitable cost savings.

To find out more about Infogrid and our sustainable initiatives, please contact Henry Browne at