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Remote Property Management – Remote Monitoring Update 2022

We help our clients manage their properties so that fewer things break down and running costs are reduced. One key way of doing this is through remote property management. Our unique remote monitoring system allows us to know before the occupant of a property if there is an impending problem.


What is remote property management?

Using our advanced proptech, we can connect monitors to critical assets, such as boilers, to keep an eye on all the systems within a house to make sure that they are working. We can monitor everything from water pressure and water flow to the temperature of the boiler and the air conditioning. This means that even if the house is empty, we’re protecting it.


How do you set up remote monitors?

When a client joins Bold & Reeves, we make sure to fit monitors into the plant room to ensure that activity is online and fully visible to our whole team and to our clients. We physically attach the monitors to critical assets, such as pumps, boilers and lifts, which takes no longer than 30 minutes. These then send signals about their performance to our alert system. If an asset’s vitals divert from their normal trends, we are immediately notified. Through our remote property management, we hope to fix any faults before they result in bigger failures within the property.


Where does all that data go?

All the remote monitoring data is fed back to us via our advanced proptech solutions and made accessible to clients through our property logbook. This means that when a client’s property is sold it has a detailed track record of servicing and care. This means we can work with insurers to bring down premiums.


Who do you partner with to deliver this tech?

To ensure the highest standards, we work with international artificial intelligence and sensor specialists Infogrid to deliver the best remote monitoring solutions for our client’s properties. Infogrid provides the tools to monitor our clients’ estates and provide real-time data across key assets.


To learn more about our remote property management solutions, please speak to Henry Browne at