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Bespoke Block Management: Servicing London’s Finest Estates

At Bold & Reeves, we lead the London residential property management game with a focus on bespoke block management. Our commitment to excellence has positioned us as the trusted partner for some of the most prestigious developments in the city. And here’s why.

Value Beyond Walls: The Significance of Common Areas

For landlords and homeowners, common areas are not just spaces; they are indicators of a property’s value, saleability, and the overall success of a block, complex, or tenement. Neglected shared parts can turn away potential buyers and affect the desirability of prime residential properties. That’s why we focus on proactively maintaining these areas through bespoke block management. Using our state-of-the art technology we can monitor plumbing and back-end systems to ensure they’re fixed before they break.

Bespoke Block Management Services: A New Standard

At Bold & Reeves, we have created an extensive list of all the areas that require proactive maintenance. Any work that we do is logged in our Property Logbook for our clients to see. This also include breakdowns of fees, analysis of finances, and a task list of completed and outstanding jobs. This advanced approach redefines traditional block management and maintenance services. ur comprehensive list of services include:

  1. Scheduling planned maintenance: Proactive planning to ensure your property remains in prime condition.
  2. Surveys and assessments: Thorough evaluations to identify and address potential issues before they become major concerns.
  3. Security management: Working with partners to implement robust security measures to safeguard your property and residents.
  4. Insurance: Recommendations for comprehensive coverage tailored to protect your property and investments.
  5. Section 20 notices: Adhering to legal requirements and facilitating transparent communication with residents.
  6. Residents communications, including newsletters: Fostering a sense of community through regular updates and open communication channels.

Taking the Hassle Out of Building Management

Our mission is clear: we take the hassle out of building management. Bold & Reeves offers a range of property management services tailored to the needs of landlords. Each of our clients is provided with a dedicate Property Manager that is on call for any problem, big or small. This continuity of care means that you’ll always be speaking to the same person. And they’ll understand the workings of the property inside and out.

Service Charge Management: Financial Excellence

At Bold & Reeves, we bring financial excellence to the forefront of our bespoke block management services. Through our online platform, we provide detailed insights into all financial services necessary to run your building seamlessly. These include:

  1. Planning and budgeting: Strategic financial planning to ensure the smooth operation of your property.
  2. Service charge demands and collections: Efficient handling of service charge demands and collections to maintain financial stability.
  3. Bank account provision: Streamlined financial processes with dedicated bank account provision.
  4. Supplier invoice management and payments: Timely and organised management of supplier invoices and payments. Everything can be accessed in our Property Logbook for complete clarity.
  5. Service charge accounting and auditing: Transparent accounting and auditing to instil confidence in financial practices.

At Bold & Reeves, we set new standards in property care with bespoke services that cover everything from communicating with resident to detailed financial planning. Our commitment is unwavering. We enhance the value, desirability, and overall success of the properties we manage, ensuring a seamless and prosperous experience for landlords and homeowners alike.