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Saving Time And Money: Why Is Property Management Important?

Where you have an accountant to look after your finances or a travel agent to book your holiday, you need to make sure the right people are employed to take control over certain aspects of your life. The same applies to property management. It’s important to ensure that you have someone not only trustworthy and efficient but also someone who is looking to protect the value of this asset.

So why is property management important? Whether you are a new homeowner, a landlord or a major developer, by investing in property you will want to try and minimise any risks to your asset. Effectively managing your property is one of the best ways to reduce that risk.

That’s where Bold & Reeves come in. As soon as someone joins our system, whether they are a new property owner or a developer launching a new project, we cover all bases with our ground-breaking technology.

Save time and stress with property management

Everyone who joins Bold & Reeves has a dedicated personal property manager. Using one point of contact, it means we can save clients time and stress. They don’t have to have multiple conversations with contractors or spend hours on tedious and time-consuming tasks.

Access anywhere

Our app offers clients the ultimate freedom. They can access our unique technology and all the information on their house anywhere in the world with just one tap on a screen. What’s more, they can add multiple properties from a portfolio into the app too.

Maintain and increase the value of your property

As we’ve mentioned, simply by owning a property you have a highly valuable asset. Through our onboarding assessment, we can identify any issues early on, to prevent any new problems from occurring and protect the property’s value. When it comes to selling the property, the logbook of all of the maintenance will be a useful tool in adding value to the sales process.

Legal compliance

For homeowners, we are always on top of the latest health and safety regulations and ensure that important electrical items in the home are serviced appropriately. For landlords and developers, we make sure to keep abreast of any industry changes too.

Lower repair and maintenance costs

By documenting, recording and planning maintenance at the right times, we reduce the chance of receiving pricey maintenance bills. On our app, we provide a full breakdown of the added value that we provide, and can track this over the years that you use Bold & Reeves.

As well as this, our property managers have excellent relationships with contractors which means we get competitive rates from the best suppliers. All our contractors are trustworthy and have been vetted for their excellent quality of work.

So if you’re asking “why is property management important?” remember these simple steps and start your journey with Bold & Reeves.

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