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Air Conditioning Repair: don’t get ripped off!

Depending on which weather forecast you follow, there is still a week left of high temperatures here in the UK. And with recent trends pointing towards hot springs and Indian summers, many people are currently installing air conditioning in their homes for the first time… or researching the air conditioning repair options that many of our clients put off. At this time of year, this can be an expensive business, as trade air conditioning repair providers often price themselves accordingly for such a seasonal business. For Bold & Reeves clients, however, our curated partner network offers reassurance throughout the air conditioning repair, installation process and summer property maintenance.

Here are three ways our partners can help you stay cool and ride out the heatwave:

Year-round consistency in pricing

Our air conditioning repair partners guarantee you the same prices year-round that they do to anyone else ordering air conditioning repair services in London. This means that not only do our clients get a price guarantee to protect against seasonal adjustments when the weather is very hot, but they are also less vulnerable as prime residential homeowners. It’s well-known folklore in our industry that avaricious tradespeople can triple their prices – or worse – upon arriving in London’s finest properties… we help to ensure this never happens to our clients.

Tried and tested for quality and reliability

In the same vein, often tradespeople will accept a callout knowing full well that it is unlikely they can fix the job on their own. Then, a further call-out charge or two later they will either inform the homeowner that ‘you need to start again or even more commonly ‘you need my mate to take a look at this’. With air condition repair providers, of which there are hundreds working in central London, the tendency is the same, and especially so for wealthy homeowners…. Unless you have someone looking after your best interests. With the Bold & Reeves supply chain, you need never worry about being forced to undergo a major surgical procedure for cuts and bruises… safe in the knowledge that your air conditioning repair needs are being handled with optimal efficiency and transparency.

First-visit diagnosis and quick resolution

At Bold & Reeves, the first diagnosis is always carried out by one of our experienced Property Managers. We do all the initial troubleshooting so that you don’t need to hire someone to do it for you. From there, in 99% of cases we know who to call, often saving you multiple call-out charges and best-possible completion times for air conditioning repair needs and a host of other requirements for prime residential property owners. In addition to this, our remote monitoring services and regular home audits often mean we are aware of repairs or maintenance way in advance of our clients or their staff. With air conditioning repair, this can be useful in advance of summer and other warm periods.

The current heatwave has fallen in the holiday period of July, and with many people staycationing or working from home, now is a great time to either install air conditioning or service the units you already have. We are here to support you in keeping cool – at the right price – this summer, autumn and beyond.