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Summer Property Maintenance: Swimming Pools, Air Conditioning & Landscape Gardening

It really feels like summer is in full flow now, even though it’s technically not officially summer until the 21st of June. But maybe that’s because, at Bold & Reeves, we’ve had summer property maintenance on our mind for some time now. There’s a good reason for that.

We know what it’s like when it’s 35 degrees and all the air conditioning units are down. Or when you finally have good weather to enjoy your lovely garden, only to realise that it hasn’t been updated for months. It can ruin the season. This is why we’re on hand to solve these summer property maintenance issues quickly and effectively.

Swimming pools, spas and Jacuzzis

Nothing beats a lovely sunny day by the pool. But it’s important to make sure that spa and swimming facilities are kept hygienic and in good working condition. Over the pandemic, there was a huge increase in purchases of spa and swimming facilities, with some companies reporting a 400% increase in sales.

However, these purchases don’t come with in-built maintenance, so it’s important to set up a regular maintenance schedule, cleaning routine and chlorine top-ups. We can provide all these services and more, as we work with a range of experts who specialise in pool and spa maintenance – so our clients can receive the very best service possible.

Air conditioning and fans

With hot weather on the rise, it’s important to keep air conditioning units in good working condition, particularly if they haven’t been in use for months of the year. It’s important to routinely replace and clean the filters in air conditioners, as clogged filters can reduce the amount of airflow and reduce the system’s efficiency. We can set up a maintenance schedule for clients to ensure that these systems are regularly checked at key times of the year.

Also, if a property has not been fitted with fans or air conditioning, we can also arrange for these to be fitted by our trusted partners.

Landscape gardening and outdoor maintenance

Last, but by no means least, landscape gardening is really important if you want to be able to enjoy the great outdoors while the sun is out. We have a great network of landscape gardeners, tree surgeons and designers if you are looking to renovate or improve any outside spaces. What’s more, we can provide simple improvements to your current space, such as maintenance on water features, drain and gutter clearance, and general gardening tasks to ensure that you can enjoy the sun completely stress-free.


For more information on our summer property maintenance services, please get in touch with Henry Browne,