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Our Unique Proptech Platform: Remote Monitoring

When each person comes on board as a client at Bold & Reeves, they immediately get access to the Bold & Reeves logbook. Included in the logbook is a section on remote monitoring, a key part of our proptech platform.

We Have a Team of Sensor and Data Specialists

To ensure the highest standards, we work with international AI and sensor specialists Infogrid and Shepherd to deliver the best remote monitoring solutions for a property. We can remotely monitor critical assets like boilers and water pressure so that even if the house is empty, we’re protecting it. If there are any anomalies with either, then we will be notified and can support the problem immediately, sometimes even before a client knows there is anything wrong.

This allows us to provide a unique service for international clients who may be absent from their properties for long periods of time, as well as those clients who live in their properties all year round and require constant maintenance support.

We Tackle Problems 24/7  

We fit sensors to all the critical assets in the property, which takes minimal time. In fact, Infogrid sensors can be installed in one visit within 15-30 minutes. Once set up, we can monitor water pressure, water flow, the temperature of the boiler, air conditioning, and swimming pools among many other things. Whenever anything deviates from the norm, we are alerted by text, phone calls, and email, and one of our property specialists will start solving the problem immediately.

Our unique remote monitoring system also allows us to know before the occupant of a property if there is a problem that is about to happen. This means we may also be able to fix the problem before it has even happened.

Through our advanced proptech platform, we can also offer vacant property services as we can locate issues within a property even when someone is not there. It prevents both minimal damage to a property, as well as major damage, such as burst pipes or flooding. With our proptech platform, you can be safe in the knowledge that Bold & Reeves is on top of it.

To find out more, please get in touch with your property manager or Henry Browne: