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The Secret To Success for Property Managers: BRMS Advanced Features  

In the dynamic realm of property management, staying ahead requires not just efficiency, but innovation. Property managers using the Bold & Reeves Management System (BRMS) have access to a suite of comprehensive management tools and data-driven insights that improve efficiency and performance. 

However, to truly maximise its potential and revolutionise your property management service, it’s about tapping into some advanced features.

Property Insurance for Vacant Homes

Vacant properties pose a unique challenge for property owners, particularly when it comes to insurance coverage. Traditional insurance companies often shy away from insuring vacant properties due to increased risks. 

However, Bold & Reeves steps in to bridge this gap. Property managers can use the BRMS to record weekly inspections, regular maintenance, and property visits. This information can then be provided to third parties, like insurance companies, to show how they are staying compliant. This all helps to ensure vacant properties remain covered, offering peace of mind and financial protection to the end client.

Sales Data Insights

When it comes time to sell a property, having comprehensive sales data can be a game-changer. The BRMS goes beyond basic property management by compiling detailed service records and in-depth analysis of the cost of ownership. Think of it as a logbook for your property, similar to the one you might have for a car, yacht, or jet. 

By presenting potential buyers or surveyors with a comprehensive overview of the property’s maintenance history and associated costs, you significantly enhance its marketability and value.

Navigating Utility Contracts

One of the often overlooked aspects of property management is navigating the complex landscape of utility contracts. With the BRMS, the end client only pays one invoice each month, while the property manager pays the independent contractors on their behalf, and stores all the invoices on the platform. 

The BRMS is unique in the fact that it is designed for property managers by property managers. At Bold & Reeves, we use the BRMS system ourselves and it has been particularly useful for managing domestic and non-domestic contracts. 

With the recent surge in utility costs, particularly for non-domestic contracts, having expert guidance can lead to substantial savings and optimised utility management. We’ve been able to provide specialist knowledge and assistance in this area for our clients, helping them obtain quotes via tender and negotiating contracts effectively. And it’s all made simple and stress-free for the end client via the BRMS. 

By leveraging these advanced features of the Bold & Reeves platform, you can unlock new opportunities for efficiency, cost savings, and client satisfaction. Innovation is key in the ever-evolving landscape of property management, and Bold & Reeves is committed to being at the forefront of that innovation.