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Spring And Summer Maintenance: Preparing Your Property

As the temperature rises and the days lengthen, it’s essential to ready your home with spring and summer maintenance. With the allure of spending time in the garden or in an air-conditioned room indoors, preparing your property becomes paramount. This month, we present a comprehensive guide on what to look out for as we approach the warmer months.

The Spring Maintenance Checklist

Reviving Your Garden

Welcome the resurgence of spring by rejuvenating your garden with our bespoke maintenance services. We have a team of dedicated partners, which includes skilled gardeners, landscape architects and tree surgeons. They can plant new blooms, landscape your garden and transform any outdoor area in time for better weather. We also provide ongoing garden maintenance, such as gutter clearance, to ensure your garden remains a stress-free sanctuary for relaxation. 

Proactive Maintenance

As spring arrives, it’s time to welcome fresh air and natural light into your home. Our seasonal services include window cleaning, air conditioning servicing, and general maintenance. By topping up with proactive maintenance, you’ll spend less time and money on reactionary work, ensuring a smoother, stress-free spring and summer. 

Spring Cleaning

A thorough spring clean will help to rejuvenate your home. From professional carpet cleaning to inspecting windows for any needed repairs, our services cover all aspects of cleaning and tidying. We make sure that any maintenance is accurately recorded on the client portal, so you can check when work was undertaken and how much it cost. 

The Summer Maintenance Checklist

Pool and Spa Maintenance

As the temperature rises, your pool, spa, or jacuzzi will become a haven for relaxation and enjoyment. Our expert summer maintenance services ensure these facilities remain clean, hygienic, and fully operational throughout the summer months. With routine maintenance schedules, you can trust us to keep your aquatic retreat in pristine condition.

Air Conditioning and Ventilation

Beat the summer heat with our air conditioning and ventilation services. Our technicians specialise in servicing and maintaining air conditioning units, ensuring they operate at peak efficiency when you need them most. We also offer installation services for fans and air conditioning units, providing you with cool and comfortable indoor spaces all summer long.

Exterior Updates

Summer provides the perfect opportunity to update the exterior of your home. From repairing cracks to inspecting guttering and roof tiles, our maintenance services will help keep your property in top condition. We also ensure your home is prepared to withstand the summer weather, protecting it from potential damage and extremely hot spells. 

By following these tips, we can ensure your property is well-prepared to embrace the joys of spring and summer. And you can relax in comfort with complete peace of mind. 

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