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Remote Property Management: How We Work With Infogrid To Help Monitor Your Home Remotely


Since the beginning of this year, Bold & Reeves has been working with Infogrid to help deliver the very best remote property management. By using remote sensors across a property for a variety of different uses, we are able to pick up on any maintenance issues 24 hours a day.


One of our key partners in remote property management is Infogrid, a company that provides end-to-end connected sensor solutions to make buildings smarter. Importantly, they do this quickly, affordably, and securely.


Through our partnership with Infogrid we can:

  • Optimise and automate building management
  • Provide low-cost, zero-maintenance and wire-free remote sensors
  • Offer sensors that are affordable, scalable and easy to install
  • Install sensors that are discreet and have a battery life of up to 15 years
  • Reduce carbon emissions by cutting down on car journeys made and also on the water and energy used on the premises


Here’s how…


Affordable and user-friendly

Infogrid is demystifying sensor technology and establishing simple solutions that are making buildings healthier and more sustainable. Their end-to-end system of sensors and AI uses small and inconspicuous sensors to monitor buildings in real-time.


The key to their success is that the installation and use of the sensors are low-cost, involve zero maintenance and are wire-free. This means that whether you are a high-net-worth homeowner with a mansion in Notting Hill or a developer with blocks of flats in Kensington & Chelsea, the platform can be scaled according to the size of the property.


Real-time updates

The useful thing about working with Infogrid is that their technology can be integrated into existing platforms, such as the Bold & Reeves logbook. This means that you can check live alerts, reports and updates all from one place, anywhere in the world. It is ideal for those with more than one property and those who are often absent from their property.


Cutting-edge technology

Through our partnership with Infogrid, we have access to some of the best sensors in the industry. That’s because Infogrid searches the market to source hardware that will produce the best results. This wide variety of sensors enables us to track different elements of your building so you can receive the best remote property management possible. All the information that is generated from the sensor is then sent to the cloud and integrated into the Bold & Reeves platform. You can then access reports, alerts and a cost analysis all in one place from the logbook.


Multiple-use cases 


The sensors can be applied across different areas of a property, developments and buildings so they can be tailored to exactly what you need. Pipe monitoring and leak detection are the most common areas our clients to request sensors for. This means that the remote monitoring sensors can automatically track water movement, water levels and temperature, so when there are any drastic changes, we can immediately send one of our vetted partners to fix them. We will know exactly what the problem is and where it is, saving you time and money.  And it’s also good for the planet as we only need to flush taps that are at risk of airborne viruses.


Other areas that our sensors can be applied include:


  • Air quality
  • Safe spaces
  • Occupancy
  • Cold storage
  • Door and window monitoring
  • Cleaning validation


In line with the Bold & Reeves values

By working with Infogrid, we are able to go above and beyond normal remote property management to deliver an exceptional service. By combining our advanced technology with Infogrid’s leading sensors and AI, we are able to deliver on our core values:


  • Convenience

We use advanced technology and our little black book of vetted contractors to deliver the best high-end remote property management. We ensure that all of this is paid by you with just one invoice to make tracking your expenditure really simple.


  • Peace of mind

Our remote sensors and the team of experienced property managers work 24/7 so we can ensure that all preventative maintenance is picked up immediately.


  • Value

By creating unique contracts with our partners, we ensure you receive competitive prices for your home whatever any time of year. As well as this, by using remote sensors, we are able to prevent any maintenance issues from getting worse, and avoid you being lumped with a huge bill and mounting costs.


To find out more about how you can install remote sensors into your home, speak to your property manager or Henry Browne, Head of Client Services, at: