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Experiential Living: Luxury Trends in High-End Homes

Let’s take a look at some luxury trends and dive into the world of high-end homes. We’re talking about the latest trends that are turning homes into not just spaces, but experiences. From home theatres that are more than a big screen, to indoor pools that let you swim lengths regardless of the season, let’s take a look at the top 6 trends that are giving luxury living a whole new meaning.

  1. Home Theatres: A Personal Cinema

Imagine having a cinema in your own home. No, we’re not talking about just a TV and some speakers. We’re talking about an immersive experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Home cinemas are a luxury trend that’s popping up all over London. They come with surround sound that puts you right in the action, comfy seats that make you forget you’re not at the movies, and visuals that are so real, you feel like you could reach out to touch them. This trend isn’t just about luxury; it’s about bringing imaginary worlds to life.

  1. Spa Retreats: Relaxation Central

Most of our clients have some space dedicated to personal relaxation. These luxury trends aren’t just spas, they’re also spaces that take care of your wellbeing. Steam rooms that melt away stress, Jacuzzi tubs that soak away worries, and calming scents that transport you to a serene oasis. Not only that, but increasingly, we are seeing our clients create rooms dedicated to meditation, yoga and different forms of spirituality. We also help to recommend wellness practitioners via the Lucie App and our little Black Book of contacts.

  1. Indoor Pools: Splash Or Swim Anytime

Indoor pools are obviously a great way to swim irrespective of the weather. However, not everyone can fit an Olympic-style pool in their home. Which is why we’ve seen a lot of our clients opt for lap pools. For many, their primary purpose for installing a swimming pool is to maintain their fitness. A lap pool requires minimal space, being long and narrow in size, and works by flowing water in one direction while you swim against it. Warm all year round, it’s a great way to exercise in the winter.

  1. Wine Cellars And Fine Wine Collections

Wine cellars aren’t just about storing bottles; they’re about showcasing your taste. And more and more, our clients are opting for wine cellars or bespoke wine fridges. These storage facilities provide controlled conditions for ageing wine to perfection. Not only that, but many of the designs help to display wine collections like works of art, as well as to provide great entertaining spaces.

  1. Smart Home Technology: Future in Your Fingertips

We work with innovative brands to bring our clients futuristic solutions to security. Smart home technology isn’t just a cool gadget; it’s a game-changer. We help our clients to control their home’s lights, temperature, and security with a phone or voice. It helps to build a home that makes life easier and reinforces privacy. Our partners, such UMBRA International, help to deliver these solutions, which are become increasingly popular with our clients.

Luxury trends are constantly evolving and people are always looking for solutions to make their lifestyles easier and more meaningful. These luxury trends aren’t just about showing off; they’re about creating spaces that add value. We help people to enhance their daily life, where a home is more than just four walls: it’s an evolving experience.

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