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London’s Block Management Experts

Here at Bold & Reeves virtual HQ, we’ve just sent off our latest brochure to the printers. London block management is changing beyond all recognition – both from within, and in terms of the new emerging context of the post – coronavirus world.

At Bold & Reeves, we are basing our approach around four simple propositions which we believe put us way out in front, in the London block management game.

  1. Reducing management costs.
  2. Minimizing stress.
  3. Transforming standards.
  4. Building legacies.

Here’s a summary of this approach and how our values translate from one part of our business – our VIP property management services, to the next – our all-new London block management division:

Reducing Management Costs.

 Our mission as a company is to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) for all our client’s properties. This is first and foremost in our intentions, in every job we do. Whether it is passing on wholesale prices from our trusted supplier network, or creatively saving you 90% on trade prices by handling a piece of work in-house, our intention is to right-size your budget, and eradicate your exposure to avaricious tradespeople, from the first steps of our relationship. In London block management this can mean the difference between not just delivering on time and on budget, but in leaving you with surplus funds to get on the front foot and improve your property in ways that many of our clients could never have imagined. Your budget is designed to cope with trade margins, but through our block managers and trusted supplier network built up over decades of experience, it will withstand much more and maybe even leave you with change to spare – and to invest in the future of your building.

Minimizing stress.

 Our team is among the most experienced in London block management and we pride ourselves in finding ways to make life easy for our clients. Although we start with cost consciousness – as this guides our interventions in the most efficient way possible – a customer survey we produced last year indicated that 9 out of 10 of our clients retained our services to cut down on stress first, and cost second. This means that although frugality and prudence is key, we always find ways of working that make our clients lives easier and more enjoyable, rather than more onerous or stressful. This includes first and foremost bringing new people to your team who begin to quickly alleviate the duty of care involved in prime residential home management. In block management, it’s easy to become disillusioned with the sheer amount of minutiae on your plate… our team systemise these details and bring tried and tested policy and procedure to what otherwise can feel like a minefield – leaving you free to create your vision as a block manager.

Transforming standards.

Collaboration between best-in-class operators has recently seen a bona-fide regulatory framework emerge for block management sector, for the first time. And at the inception of Bold & Reeves’ Block Management Services, this provided us with a core principle around which we could raise the bar, and shape our new offering: compliance. Particularly where safety is paramount, there are few cornerstones as powerful as compliance when providing a complex range of bespoke services. And at Bold & Reeves we have used the new regulatory guidelines to inspire our highest levels of service and best practice yet, with the intention of transforming the London block management sector. We asked ourselves what our business would look like if we were as tightly regulated as the legal industry, for example. And we inquired into how people could experience the same standards of service at home, as they do in first class travel. We asked how we could standardize compliance across the board, and then continue to raise the bar. The answers to these questions became the guiding principles of our business.

Building legacies.

At Bold & Reeves we recognise that in block management, your reputation and your legacy are at stake. And we understand that without the right support, your responsibilities as a block manager can turn your home into another job. Alongside the hundreds of small responsibilities that managing agents have to comply with, in 2019 51 new regulations were moved by the ARMA (the Association of Residential Managing Agents) from ‘recommended’ to ‘mandatory’, meaning that all residential managing agents must comply, in order to limit their exposure. The increasing demands of a changing industry, in which this type of regulation and compliance are the new normal, can at times feel like a heavy burden. By sharing your accountabilities with the Bold & Reeves Block Management Services team, you can balance the load, enjoy the journey of creating your block management legacy, and perhaps most importantly, keep clear boundaries around your home and family life as you do so. It is our commitment that you never feel alone in the upkeep of your building, and that we are on hand to partner with you, to carry the load and to ensure the highest standards of best practice, throughout your block management journey. With our Block Management Services Team on your side, you can sleep better at night knowing that the essentials are taken care of, and the status of your block management tenure is in impeccable shape.