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Bold & Reeves: Making Property Management Look Easy

We are on a mission at Bold & Reeves to simplify property management and make our customer journey as easy as possible.

At a recent brainstorm at B&R HQ in South Kensington, we asked ourselves some existential questions. Why are we in business, what do we do differently, how do we do it, and who exactly our clients are? As a result, we are more aware of the things that set us apart from others in the super-prime property management crowd, what our core approach is, and perhaps most importantly the specific things our clients need and want from us.

As such, we have been able to simplify our goals into a three-point charter: reduce stress, reduce costs, and save time.

Reduce stress

In summer 2019, we conducted a survey amongst our clientele to discover more about their concerns and issues and what they really needed from their property manager. Ninety percent responded to say that they wanted less stress in their lives, especially when it came to owning and managing multiple properties. That’s why ‘reducing stress’ is first among our goals. Principally, we do this by providing our clients with a team of people in whom they can divest the entire duty of care around their residential property portfolio. We not only bring professional account management, but also a team of London’s most experienced property managers, and a vetted and curated partner network of subcontractors. This means no more vulnerability to an array of avaricious suppliers, and another complex area of life is outsourced to a team of passionate, specialist experts (we can hear you exhaling already).

Reduce costs

As we’ve blogged before, if you own valuable homes in London, costs can quickly become eye-watering – especially in owner-absent properties… and when more than one luxury home goes wrong at the same time, even the most generous annual budgets can be knocked out of sync. That’s why we often blog about the various ways that our services reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of prime & super-prime residential homes. Whether it be passing on wholesale prices to our clients from our aforementioned curated partner network, monitoring and sharing in-depth data from similar properties of your kind in our area, or minimizing delays on the diagnosis of issues in owner-absent properties, pretty much every aspect of our service reduces TCO – and anxiety, worry and stress in the process.

Save time

In much the same way, our clients have also fed back to us that they are time-poor, however, that doesn’t stop time from being a valuable asset they want more of, and something they are looking to their property manager to help them create. Many clients would like to reduce the number of non-essential conversations, meetings and interactions they have on a daily basis, and to support them in this endeavour, our entire service is delivered to them by one direct contact – their Bold & Reeves property manager. In addition to this, we have designed our own bespoke app-based technology. Our software not only allows clients to communicate solely with their property manager through their handheld device but also curates the entire monthly costs schedule of their property into one easy-to-read document, making it available to them to read online in real-time from anywhere in the world.

So there it is: our new three-point charter, proudly explained.

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