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9 Ways That Bold & Reeves Helps With Apartment Block Management

At Bold & Reeves, we not only look after individual property investments, such as super-prime mansions, we also offer apartment block management. We know how important it is to maintain communal areas to the highest of standards when you have people living in luxury apartments within a block.

Read about the 9 ways in which Bold & Reeves can help with your apartment block management.

How does Bold&Reeves help with apartment block management?

 1. Always on call

Our service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Simply click on the messaging service in the Bold & Reeves app and we will reply in an instant. We always assign a dedicated property manager for every block, so you can have your queries answered directly.

2. Communication with tenants

We can handle communications directly with residents, which includes sending out regular newsletters with updates and residential news. We are also best placed to collect service charges from residents and chase payments when required.

3. Value for money

We ensure that our payments and bills are always completely transparent. We detail every invoice and contractor fee on our app and electronic system, which can be accessed by landlords at any time of the day, from anywhere in the world. We also show cost savings and year-on-year fees in the budgeting section of our app to make it as clear as possible.

4. Finances

Planning, budgeting, bank account provision, supplier invoice management, payments, service charge accounting and auditing all fall to us. We keep on top of finances and chase outstanding invoices on the landlord’s behalf.

5. Insurance support

We work with Tysers, an international Lloyd’s broker, to offer our clients the best insurance rates for buildings or developments. We ensure that you are fully covered at the most competitive rates.

6. Expert maintenance

We have curated our Little Black Book of expert contactors to deliver specialist apartment block management for our clients. Whether that’s for pool maintenance or for servicing air conditioning units, we offer the best value for the best service. After initial surveys and assessments, we also ensure that there is a calendar of scheduled planned maintenance alongside any reactive maintenance.

7. Industry standards

Our experienced team has a wealth of knowledge and we encourage all our staff to keep up with the relevant legislation changes. This means that we can ensure that our clients comply with all the relevant industry standards.

8. Security

Recently, we partnered with UMBRA International to offer our clients the most efficient security. From personal security details to cyber security protection, we are able to recommend a wealth of options to ensure your property or development is in the safest hands.

 9. Stress free

Through all of the options above, at Bold & Reeves, we can offer luxury end-to-end apartment block management to ensure our clients save time, money and stress on their property.


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