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Why Private Landlords Use Bold & Reeves For Luxury Property Management

A recent study by the buy-to-let mortgage company Uswitch revealed that 63% of private landlords are thinking about using a dedicated property manager or letting agency to help manage their property. And we understand why.

As interest rates and mortgage rates have risen, it’s affecting how property owners invest their money. While some landlords might be selling their properties, others are looking at ways to receive more income from them.

But managing and maintaining properties takes a lot of time, money and stress. Of the landlords surveyed by Uswitch, 32% no longer want to deal with repairs and 30% no longer want to dealing with legal requirements.

Which is where Bold & Reeves step in. As expert property managers, we understand how best to look after a property until it is time to sell, reducing costs and stress levels for landlords. And we always keep on top of the latest rental health and safety regulations – which is invaluable when it comes to renting.

Here are three more reasons why landlords value the Bold & Reeves service:

Reducing the cost of ownership through luxury property management 

We are passionate about reducing our client’s total cost of ownership (TCO). We don’t believe the concept of TCO has previously been applied to residential property. Yet anyone who owns and runs a luxury asset, such as a jet, a yacht or a car, understands the principle well.

With increasingly complex “moving parts”, luxury homes require a proactive approach to maintenance and an understanding that there will be an ongoing cost to the running of a such a property. Our task is to help homeowners understand their TCO and then work to reduce it.

Legal compliance

We can help identify the safety regulations that must be in place before letting a property out to a tenant. For every client, we also undergo rigorous checks across electrical compliances and provide gas and electricity inspections to make sure the property complies and is in full working order.

Expert maintenance

Often, time if the most important commodity for a landlord. They don’t have time to check on any issues or provide preventative works. At Bold & Reeves, we are on call 24/7, seven days a week, which means we’re on hand to solve any problem at any time of day. We act quickly and efficiently with our vetted partners to arrange a suitable time to get work completed. We also provide each client with a dedicated Property Manager, who oversees all the works and is the single direct contact.

To find out more about our luxury property management services, please get in touch with Bill Shipton at