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The Best Vacant Property Management Services in London

It’s summertime and the weather is warming up (aside from the impending storm). An escape abroad is on the horizon (we hope). We have fingers and toes crossed that we’ll be able to reach the beach in a far-off destination sometime soon. Planning vacations can be pretty stressful these days what with the government announcements, vaccination requirements and Covid tests – so you don’t need the added stress of sorting out your property before you leave. At Bold & Reeves, we know better than most the importance of monitoring empty properties and we are experts in providing the very best vacant property services. Whether it’s a second home that you visit only a few times a year or a property you’re leaving for a few weeks, the stress and cost that poor property management leaves in its wake are not worth the hassle.

At the luxury end of the market, small problems can escalate into giant issues if they’re not properly monitored. This is where property management experts Bold & Reeves come in. Whether that’s the water systems, a basement pool, or the air conditioning systems, we can make sure that everything is correctly monitored, so that your return home is completely hassle-free.

Our dedicated team provide discreet and detailed vacant property services

When you join Bold & Reeves, you’re allocated a dedicated property manager who is fully trained to carry out the appropriate management tasks while your home is empty. They will manage a Bold & Reeves team and partners to ensure your luxury property receives the right level of care whenever you’re away. We’ll take care of every little detail, from cleaning the carpets to maintaining air conditioning to monitoring your water systems.

We have our little black book of handpicked and trusted partners, from electricians to plumbers, who service all our homes. These suppliers are vetted by us and provide all their services at competitive prices, so you can be assured, that no matter what time of the year and no matter what the demand, you will always receive a fair price for any outstanding works. What’s more, they work with utmost discretion and security so that you can be safe in the knowledge that your luxury property is well looked after.

Our vacant property management services include bespoke proptech

Our proptech can predict any problems before they even arise. We supply a completely bespoke service for every property to ensure that everything, from every single electric appliance to every pipe, is properly checked and monitored. We do this through a remote monitoring system. Through meticulous sensors and analytics, we are able to monitor buildings around the clock and when a maintenance issue arises we are notified and can send one of the team around to fix the problem immediately.

This helps us to reduce costs by identifying problems before they get bigger and by calling out maintenance partners only when they are needed. As well as this, all of our sensors and technology are easy to install and can be integrated with your existing building systems.

What’s more, if you’re worried about the progress of any tasks or generally just want peace of mind while you’re away, you simply need to log in to our app or online portal and browse the dashboard. Here, we list all the relevant maintenance tasks (both reactive and planned), the costs incurred, and contact details for our team. It’s time to get ready for that holiday!

Want to know more about our vacant property services? Please contact Henry Browne: