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Upgrade Your Plant Room, Not Just Your Wallpaper – Interior Property Maintenance

When we visit the luxury home of a new client, we often have to remind people how important it is to deal with the nuts and bolts of a property and not just the superficial elements of a home. Years of decorating and plastering over disasters can wreak havoc on a property and result in bigger mistakes in the long run. It’s important to distinguish that interior decorating is not the same as interior property maintenance.

We help clients focus on and update their plant rooms so that they run efficiently and don’t require unnecessary unplanned maintenance work. A plant room is the mechanical room or boiler room, which is a dedicated space for all the equipment that helps run your house or apartment block. It can contain important equipment that services things like ventilation, electrics, water, heating and air conditioning around the building.

Homeowners used to have to make do with a boiler in the kitchen or in an airing cupboard upstairs, but large residential and commercial buildings now have plant rooms to keep everything in one place. Although, sometimes equipment has been added in over the years and often uses rudimentary systems or needs an updated maintenance schedule. Here are some things to think about when it comes to the interior property maintenance for your plant room:

Update your boiler

If you live in a period property, a lot of the technology in your plant room may be very outdated. Simple repairs and aesthetic renovations just won’t fix it. It might be time to invest in a new boiler with updated technology, instead of constantly repairing what you already have installed. This will help you make savings in the long run by avoiding constant repairs and having a boiler that works much more efficiently.

Upgrades to other systems

Other systems in your plant room may need updating, but if you don’t know where to start, we can offer a full review, inspection and schedule in periodic upgrades and maintenance. Our expert partners can advise you on the most up-to-date, efficient and eco-friendly products to install. You will have a designated personal property manager to oversee any interior property maintenance and we will be able to put systems in place to ensure minimal disruption to you and/or other residents in the house.

An entire refurbishment

It may be that the plant room is really outdated, in which case we can offer a full refurbishment. This means that we can not only update existing systems but we can design a new layout to the plant room to make it as efficient as possible. This might mean we refurbish the existing space or create additional space or external containers for new equipment.


If you need advice on interior property maintenance for your plant room but don’t know where to start, please speak to your personal property manager or get in touch with Henry Browne,