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The Perfect Partnership – Mayfair Times

Bold & Reeves partner with a high end developer to provide an added service and benefit to purchasers.

Bold & Reeves, market leaders in property management, are thrilled to announce their partnership with Clivedale London helping them with the maintenance of their latest development, The Mansion. Located in Marylebone, it expresses the best in international design through the use of the finest materials and immaculate craftmanship, giving generous spaces, superb facilities and the highest quality services.

Bold & Reeves are experts in managing London’s finest properties and are increasingly partnering with high end developers in London to provide an added service and benefit to the purchasers. The Bold & Reeves experience adds unique value for the developer and the purchaser knowing, once sold, the property is in good hands going forward.

Bold & Reeves specialise in managing, maintaining and monitoring everything within the apartment. They treat a property like a plane, a yacht or a car, with complicated moving parts that need regular periodic servicing. For an annual fee, Bold & Reeves supply a personal property manger who will be on call 24/7, an electronic logbook of everything and anything to do with the apartment and through their black book of high-quality vetted trade partners competitive prices on any job. They are also able to remote monitor the critical assets in the apartments and will know before the owner of a recent or impending failure. The logbook gives the owner visibility of how much the apartment is costing them to run and is truly unique in the London market.

Fred Scarlett, Sales and Marketing Director for Clivedale said “The Mansion has been designed to deliver the highest standard of specification, with every detail carefully considered to ensure the ultimate level of comfort and peace of mind for future purchasers. Pairing exceptional residency with a number of thoughtfully selected service partners has allowed Clivedale to provide access to the best that London has to offer, right from their doorstep. Bold & Reeves are best in breed and we know our residents will benefit from their exceptional level of customer care”.

Bill Shipton Managing Director of Bold & Reeves said: “We are delighted to be partnering Clivedale on such a prestigious development. Their residents will expect and deserve world class service. That is what Bold & Reeves delivers through a combination of an innovative technology solution and an understanding of the need of the homeowner at the very top end of the market.”