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How Our Water Leak Detection Systems Could Save You Millions!

At Bold & Reeves, we are always looking out for the latest developments and companies at the forefront of proptech. When we discovered Aqualeak, we jumped at the chance to collaborate. Aqualeak designs, supplies, installs, commissions and maintains water leak detection systems, providing full end-to-end service.


Why Aqualeak? The best water leak detection systems

Aqualeak is a leading provider of flow and sensor-based water leak detector and prevention solutions. By using Aqualeak’s water leak detection systems, Bold & Reeves clients can protect their homes from costly and disruptive water damage. We work with Aqualeak to provide state-of-the-art technology across individual residential properties as well as larger residential developments across prime central London.


Many centuries-old period properties in London have been updated to include complex water systems, incorporating new systems such as pools, underfloor heating, and spas. This can mean that the risk of hidden issues is even greater than ever.


How do water leak detection systems work?

Aqualeak monitors the volume and length of time the water is flowing through the pipes of a property. When there are any changes to these readings, the sensor will raise an alarm through a smart service alert to a Bold & Reeves property manager so we can shut off the water supply immediately. This minimises any damages and also allows us to pinpoint the exact location of the leak. We will then contact one of our partners to fix the burst or faulty pipework.


Not only that, but the water leak detection systems help to monitor your water consumption so that you can save on your water bills.


What do the experts say?

Andrew Jones, Business Development Manager at Aqualeak, says: “Experiencing a large water leak in your home can be highly disruptive, often emotionally distressing and hugely costly, particularly if it goes unnoticed for any length of time. The key to minimising the impact of such an event comes down to three main factors:


  • Firstly, early detection and warning of the issue;
  • Next, an immediate and automatic action to minimise the amount of water that escapes and therefore reduce the damage caused; and
  • Lastly, speedy investigation and resolution of the problem.


By combining effective leak detection technology with quality, responsive property management, homeowners can achieve all three and have real peace of mind that their property is being monitored and protected, 24 hours a day, all year round.”


How do these water leak detection systems coincide with Bold & Reeves luxury property management?

“Working with Aqualeak allows us to deliver unique and tailored property management solutions for our clients with the latest technology,” says Henry Browne, Head of Client Services at Bold & Reeves. “By using their water leak detection systems, we are able to identify an issue, prevent damage, and repair the problem within a short space of time. This helps to save clients time and stress.


“In line with the Bold & Reeves business model, the key to working with Aqualeak is prevention. By putting the systems in place now, we can help clients avoid serious damage to their property and save huge costs in both repairs and water usage. This, in turn, helps to reduce the total cost of ownership for prime or super-prime property owners.”


To find out more about Aqualeak or to get sensors installed in your home, please get in touch with your personal property manager or speak to Henry Browne at: