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Residential Property Management Experts: Why Bold & Reeves Is A Good Financial Investment For Residents

Bold & Reeves is one of the best residential property management experts in London. Why? Because we help clients reduce the total cost of ownership of their luxury homes.

Bold & Reeves Residential Property Management Experts

What do we do?

We have a unique combination of experienced property managers and world-leading technology that enables us to support homeowners and minimise the risk of things going wrong in their luxury properties.

We protect the value and reduce the total cost of ownership by focusing on our clients’ needs, delivering proactive and reactive maintenance, and building a company culture based on integrity, care and understanding. We do this through our designated residential property management experts and through the Property Logbook, which details all the work undertaken on a property.


Why do we do it?

It’s common knowledge that prevention is better than cure, which is why people proactively manage their health – usually with the help of experts, via a service that is tailored to suit their lifestyle. Bold & Reeves offers a similar approach for property management, meaning fewer potential problems go unnoticed and fewer things break down. This results in reduced running costs.

Anyone who owns and runs a luxury asset, such as a jet, a yacht or a car, understands the principle of ‘total cost of ownership’ well. With increasingly complex systems, luxury homes require a proactive approach to maintenance and an understanding that there will be an ongoing cost to the running of such property. Our task is to help homeowners understand this total cost of ownership and then work to reduce it.


How do we do it?

We have developed a spend-to-save model, with potentially significant returns on investment. By spending on planned maintenance at the beginning, and fixing any serious problems, you can then plan and predict what other future expenditures you might have, and pre-empt anything breaking or needing fixing.

We also save clients time and stress by using specialist residential property management experts, who take over the responsibility of care. At the end of each month, we deliver one invoice, with a breakdown of all the costs, to make payment easy. All the budgets, invoicing and records of the property are detailed in the Property Logbook, so you can balance budgets and see improvements in the most optimal way.


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