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Property Management Software Meets The Art World

Art does wonderful things to the brain. It stimulates emotion, ignites conversation and arouses inspiration. Art can transform a house – you might walk into a sitting room and be greeted by the bright comic strip of a Roy Lichtenstein, or head out onto a balcony and spot the familiar bright red balloon shape of a Jeff Koons sculpture. At Bold & Reeves we’re well aware of the importance art has on people’s lives. But what does this have to do with our property management software and our property maintenance services? It’s all about the power of collaboration.

Designing 4 Art has been launched by Bold & Reeves and five other luxury businesses as a collective that provides a way for collectors to design, maintain, display and secure their artworks – through one channel. We bring together our extensive expertise of art and super-prime real estate to ensure discerning individuals can curate their collections with security and ease.

It’s a simple premise. Instead of having to organise, manage and invoice a group of separate companies to create a suitable and secure environment for a collection, Designing 4 Art is the one point of contact. Each company has extensive industry knowledge within the luxury market, understanding exactly what clients are looking for when it comes to housing art collections.

The Designing 4 Art collaboration allows a client and their team to work through one provider. A client doesn’t need to engage every member of the collective if their needs are relatively simple, however, if they require it, they can make the most of the end-to-end service that covers every aspect of designing their perfect residence.

We’re delighted to introduce the other members of Designing 4 Art:


Landmass transforms properties with their award-winning architecture and interior design. By incorporating art into their designs from the very beginning, Landmass will find the best use of space and light to complement your collection.


Ideaworks provides the perfect blend of creative design and technical expertise to seamlessly integrate all of the connected technologies in your home; resulting in an effortlessly simple, secure and robust user experience.


Stockinger safes protect what you love, providing unbeatable security for your belongings at home, on board your yacht or any other place where you need to keep precious items secure. Unique masterpieces, 100% Made in Germany since 1978, for people that are only satisfied with the best.


At Amax we focus on understanding the specific security and life safety needs of our clients and then help fulfil them. Amax brings experience, integrity, and enthusiasm to each client engagement, and will tailor an individual solution that meets and exceeds expectations.


Fortecho is the world leading object security solution. Protecting artworks across the world’s greatest museums and galleries, as well as, in the private residences of the most discerning private collectors.

Through Designing 4 Art, we can seamlessly unite your favourite artists, our high-level property management software, and world-class security all in one space. To start your artistic journey or to find out more, get in touch with us at Bold & Reeves or visit the Designing 4 Art website: