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Property Management Companies: What’s Your Relationship Like With Your Property Manager?

We have earned a reputation as one of London’s premier property management companies and a five-star provider of maintenance and monitoring services because we value the relationship we have with our clients. For anyone who has ever rented or owned a property, you will know how problematic it can be if you don’t have the support of the property manager looking after the building. We ensure a seamless experience from start to finish because our relationships with clients are what sets us apart.

What Makes Bold & Reeves one of the best London’s premier property management companies?


We provide expert advice

Our staff have decades of experience across the luxury property so you can receive expert advice, whether your boiler is broken or your pool needs a renovation. With a unique combination of experienced property managers and world-leading technology, we can deliver the best information and advice quickly and efficiently directly to homeowners or the property’s staff at the touch of a button.

We’re always there for you

We always focus on our clients’ needs by innovating our services, building a company culture based on integrity, care and understanding, and by being available 24/7. By delivering this service we provide a convenient solution that delivers peace of mind and value enhancement to the most discerning homeowners. Through our app, you can message our team at any hour of the day or night, at any time of year, to sort out problems big or small. We understand how important properties are to people, which is why we take property management so seriously.

We help you save  

With our advanced technology and detailed record taking, it can enable us to help homeowners of luxury property to not only minimise the risk of things going wrong in their home but also reduce their total cost of ownership. Unlike some property management companies, our aim isn’t to make a healthy profit, our aim is to help high-net-worth property owners receive fair prices from contractors and to ensure that all the work done on your property reduces the total cost of ownership.

We work with single properties and large portfolios

Whether this is your first property with us or you have an expanding portfolio, we’re here to help. We work with some of the biggest names in the property industry to deliver our five-star services in large apartment blocks, to ensure that all tenants get the right level of detail. We also work on individual properties to ensure everything is kept up to an exacting standard. Importantly, each client relationship is dealt with in exactly the same way: with value, integrity and expert knowledge and that is what made us London’s premier property management company.


If you need advice on property management but don’t know where to start, please speak to your personal property manager or get in touch with Henry Browne,