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Prime Property Management: Lessons We Learnt From Covid

Over the past year, we’ve all had to acclimatise to a new way of operating. Whether that’s simply adapting to a work-from-home routine or reanalysing a business strategy for the year, it’s been complex. There is comfort in the fact that none of us have been going it alone, and as the year comes to an end, it’s important to take stock of the things we have achieved.  At Bold & Reeves, we are pleased to look back and see how well we’ve coped with these challenges – from the amazing work that our team has delivered to the confidence we have instilled in our clients. Read our blog to read about the lessons we have learnt from Covid with regard to prime property management.

Prime Property Management Is Recession Proof

It’s important to realise that property is a major asset within a portfolio – and property management helps protect the value of this asset. For example, you wouldn’t invest £20 million into a fund and then just leave it without any observation or without someone reporting on its progress. Prime Property management should be treated in much the same way.

While the past year has been a very troubling time for every industry, particularly for small businesses, we adapted quickly to the new regulations. Just because there was a lot going on in the outside world, it didn’t mean that maintenance issues stopped. When any problems arose in our clients’ properties, such as leaks or cracks, we were there to deploy our partners immediately.

First On The Scene

We pride ourselves on providing a highly personal and tailored service at Bold & Reeves. The company itself was born from a single-family office managing a number of residences for a Middle Eastern family in London. Ever since the company launched in 2012, we’ve maintained this customised approach.

Due to the strict lockdown regulations at the start of the year, we were restricted with some of the services we could provide. However, Bold & Reeves were still able to carry out essential maintenance work and our property managers were at the end of the phone to reassure clients 24/7.

We ensured that every one of our staff, clients and partners received high-quality personal protective equipment (PPE) where necessary to guarantee everyone’s utmost safety. All of our partners adhere to our strict health and safety regulations and we were notified if any of our partners had come into contact with Covid.

Deep Cleaning

Health, safety and sanitising have been brought to the fore over the past few months. For anyone concerned about their properties, we were able to provide extra services, such as deep cleaning. We work with trusted partners who are experts in their field so clients are never exploited by supplier networks when services are in peak demand.

Absentee Owner Support

At the beginning of the year, some of our clients had only anticipated being in the UK for a few months. When the lockdown was implemented, it meant they spent more time at home, thus, putting more pressure on their properties. In these instances, we were able to provide extra support to ensure all maintenance issues were resolved.

Meanwhile, other clients were unable to get back to the UK because of flight restrictions, and therefore unable to check on their properties. Bold & Reeves were able to carry out routine property checks and any necessary services. This also ensured that clients didn’t void any insurance policies due to their absence.

Through hard work, dedication and transparency, we’ve managed to weather this storm and we’re certain the future looks bright. Visit our Homeowners page to find out more about the services we provide