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Preparing Your Property For Summer – Property Management For Homeowners

The first day of summer is nearly upon us. While most of us might be more inclined to book a holiday, visit our favourite outdoor restaurant or take the family to the park – property management for homeowners is important to remember.

The change in seasons can give you a chance to regroup, fix any damages and prepare a property while the weather is nice. Whether it’s a flat or a house, here is a simple summer checklist covering property management for homeowners, so you don’t need to stress:

Simple summer checklist for property management for homeowners

  1. Garden maintenance

From big works to small changes, we can enhance your garden so you can make the most of it during the sunny months ahead. If you have an outdoor pool, a jacuzzi, or a water feature, it’s a good time to get scheduled maintenance work to check everything is running correctly. We also have access to the best landscape gardeners if you are looking at a complete garden redesign, or simply need a tree surgeon to chop back some plants that are taking up too much space.

  1. Spring cleaning

A general clean-up is always good at this time of year. This can include getting carpets and rugs professionally cleaned, scheduling maintenance for washing machines and tumble dryers, and inspecting windows to ensure there aren’t any missing panes or unsealed units.

  1. Exterior updates

As the weather gets fairer and the sun makes an occasional appearance, it’s a good time to update the house. The exterior of a house needs regular maintenance and updating. Harsh weather during autumn and winter can leave cracks, create dampness or effect guttering and tiles on the roof. When the weather is good it provides a great opportunity to check these out and do the relevant maintenance work before it is too late.

  1. Check air conditioning

As the weather gets hotter, it’s always best to be prepared. Checking air conditioning systems and scheduling maintenance at key times of the year ensures that you’re always prepared. Our contractors are experts at fixing complex problems in large houses, and our trusted partnerships ensure that the price is always the same, no matter if the request comes in at peak times.


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