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March 2022 Newsletter

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Spring is in the air! Welcome to our latest newsletter. This is the time of year to be thinking about spring cleaning, and servicing air conditioning in preparation for the heat of the summer (hopefully!). Do contact your Property Manager if you have any seasonal requests relating to your property.

In this edition we have articles on

  • Our New Partnership with Lucie
  • A Utilities and Energy Update
  • B&R’s Spears 500 Listing
New Partnership with
Lucie We have partnered with Lucie to gift you a solution for all your beauty, wellness and fitness requirements. Book the best brands and experts direct to your door.LucieLucie specialises in bringing unparalleled services, brands and experts directly to your home. Think of it as the ultimate insider’s platform. A place where you can find everything from amazing body-balancing acupuncture, world renowned make-up artists and London’s top hair stylists. Lucie offers the ultimate edit at a time when health is our greatest commodity.“We are driven to providing the ultimate insiders wellness platform to allow you to live well. Press pause and enjoy some much needed time out, whether that be for a

holistic treatment, dynamic exercise, or simply some treatments”.

To create your bespoke VIP Bold & Reeves X Lucie account, please email or call 0333 880 6370.

Lucie is offering a dedicated concierge team for your first 2 months of bookings with no joining fee.

Utilities and Energy Update

Energy prices are rising

All of our clients are seeing eye watering increases in the cost of energy. Bold & Reeves has a strong working relationship with energy brokers, Argent. The size of our portfolio means that we can achieve substantial savings for our clients. Do contact us if you would like more information on potential savings. We share with you Argent’s current thoughts on the energy market.



Where does UK energy come from? 

The changing mix of energy generation in the UK: 

  • In 2008 around 80% of the UK’s electricity came from fossil fuels.
  • With 13% from nuclear power.
  • Govt. schemes encouraged renewable generation and at the end of 2008 the UK was the world’s largest producer of offshore wind power.
  • By 2020 c. 60% of electricity was from low carbon sources.
    • 28.4% from wind/solar
    • 14.7% from hydro and other renewables
    • 16.1% from nuclear
  • Electricity generated by carbon-emitting fossil fuels (mostly natural gas) dropped to < 41%.
Electricity generated by carbon-emitting fossil fuels dropped

The Shift From Coal to Gas:

  • North Sea gas and oil, and cheaper imports from abroad meant a decline in coal production.
  • In 2016, coal supplied less electricity than wind energy.
  • In 2019, just 2.1% of UK electricity was generated from coal.
  • Despite the shift to gas, the amount of electricity it generates is also declining.
    • 35.7% in 2020, down from 46% in 2010, as the share of renewable power increases
  • Plus, than 22 million households still rely on it for home heating and industry is still dependent on gas for heat and a range of industrial processes.
  • It’s unlikely our requirement for gas is set to reduce in the near future.
  • The volume of gas from the North Sea reserves is also falling, leaving the UK more exposed to international prices for the growing share we import.
  • This is driving the high energy costs we are currently paying.
 the decline of coal
Bold & Reeves Listed in Spears 500

Spear's property advisers
We are delighted to have been included again in the 2022 Spears 500 directory and listed in their list of “Best Providers of Prime Property Management Services“. Describing Bold & Reeves as a provider of “Rolls Royce solutions” in property management for UHNW individuals, we are thrilled that our high touch and technology focused approach to Luxury Property Management has again been recognised.

A Growing Portfolio

B&R growing portfolio

We are delighted to welcome new properties to our portfolio. They include:

  • A 6,300 sq ft house in Chester Square, SW1
  • A 9,000 sq ft house in Highgate
  • An apartment in Chelsea
  • Two apartments in Mayfair
A Bolly Good Offer

Good offer

Our mood-enhancing customer reward scheme continues ad infinitum.

When you introduce a new client to Bold & Reeves we will send you a case of Bollinger champagne. As if this wasn’t enough, the client you introduce will receive a 25% discount on our audit fee for their property.

And if you’ve already referred us, we will upgrade your next case to Bollinger Grand Anneé.

Please forward this email to anyone you feel would benefit from the Bold & Reeves service.

They will then need to get in touch with either Henry Brown or Matthew Atkins,

Best wishes,
Bill Shipton
Bill Shipton and the B&R Team