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Five reasons Bold & Reeves Is Among The Best Property Management Companies In London

We’ve just been voted ‘Property Management Company of the Year’

Bold & Reeves is delighted to have been voted Property Management Company of the Year at the annual Negotiator Awards in December – the UK’s leading awards programme for estate and letting agents and property management companies. Recently we held a review of what was behind our victory and realised that what sets us apart is not only doing the basics better than the rest, in terms of our managing agent responsibilities but also providing our clients with a team of people who really understand their concerns and talk their own language. In our reflections, we were inspired to write this blog and share these other elements to our service that we believe sets us apart from the rest.



At Bold & Reeves, we have designed our own bespoke app-based technology, which not only allows clients to communicate solely with their property manager through their handheld device, but also curates the entire monthly costs schedule of their property portfolio into one easy to read document, and makes it available to them to read online in real-time. Our remote monitoring devices ensure there are no delays in the diagnosis of your property’s maintenance issues, and our team of experts field the whole requirement, as quickly as it possibly could be – in many cases even if residential staff were present.


Account Management

Having worked with many of our clients for years, we have realized there is a lot we do that many of our clients are not actually aware of. Alongside this, sometimes there are things in your customer journey we should know about, that we don’t… a communication gap, if you like. Then, during our pre-Christmas market research, we read somewhere that 97% of customers never tell their suppliers if they are unhappy with the service they are receiving – which may be especially true for property management companies. In response to this, we created our new Account Management team – a first among the property management companies we know of.


Our three-point charter

In summer 2019, we conducted a survey amongst our clientele to discover more about their concerns and issues. Ninety percent responded to say that they wanted less stress in their lives, especially when it came to owning and managing multiple properties. That’s why ‘reduce stress’ is first among our intentions – at the top of the triangle, so to speak. In second and third place came money and time, which is why one of our core intentions for our clients is to reduce the total cost of ownership for their properties and implement technology solutions via our app and remote monitoring services, that reduce the number of interactions that are necessary to manage our clients’ properties. So there you have it: reduce stress, reduce costs, save time – a simple three-point charter from one of the best property management companies in town.


Being in the club – energy and cost-saving initiatives

Over the past few months, we’ve been prototyping a new initiative – saving £250k in the process, on the annual utility charges for four properties. We are now working closely with specialist utilities consultants and energy providers, to produce basket savings for all Bold & Reeves clients – by leveraging the aggregated spend of our client group. Having successfully slashed the energy budgets for the aforementioned homes in our first pilot, we are now looking to do the same for all the other house-owning clients in our portfolio. We believe this is a type of collective resourcing is a first among property management companies of our kind.