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Five minutes with… Clemence Slama, Property Manager at Bold & Reeves

We catch up with Clemence Slama, a Property Manager at Bold & Reeves who started out on a graduate intake at the company. Since then, she’s learned the ropes from experienced members of the team to deliver the exceptional service that our clients have come to expect. We find out more about her journey…

How did you discover Bold & Reeves and why did you like about the company?
I found out the company via LinkedIn. I really liked that the way they operated was very different to any other property management company in the market. A lot of property management tends to cover a broad base of services, from tenancy, to check-in and check-out. But Bold & Reeves was very specific in providing maintenance and a service for their clients, which was what really drew me to them.

What were you doing before you started at Bold & Reeves?
I had finished my undergraduate degree in property, finance and investment at Nottingham Trent University. The RICS-accredited course covered the fundamentals of property law, real estate economics, property cycles and we also looked at management and building surveying. It was a great place to start. Then I was just fortunate to jump straight in at the deep end with Bold & Reeves.

What have you learnt about prime property since being at the company?
My experience at Bold & Reeves has been a bit of a catapult. I have learnt a lot about end-stage development, so the transition between developer and main contractor and then into end-user, buyers, tenants and lease-holders. I’ve learnt to manage the defects periods and how to communicate with the different parties involved in that process. Everybody’s goal is the same: to have a happy client. But sometimes their focus comes from a different perspective, so it’s about being able to navigate that to common ground.

I’ve also been fortunate to do some courses, so I’ve learnt about the block management side of things, such as looking at service charge budgets, licence-to-alter permissions, Section 20 and all the other things that are needed in the management of communal areas.

Could you describe a typical working day?
Ha! A typical working day for me is to plan my day and then, five minutes into it, completely disregard that plan! It’s so difficult to plan our day because we are very reactive to our clients’ needs. But normally, it involves a lot of site visits, dealing with contractors, arranging with them to go to different properties, resolving issues and overseeing works.

What’s your ambition for your career?
I think I have had an extraordinary start to my career to be honest. Bold & Reeves has something that I will probably not be able to find elsewhere. They have a brilliant portfolio of clients and the service is exceptional. It’s given me lot of valuable experience and encouraged me to ask questions.

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