Simplicity is a key feature of the Bold & Reeves service. I may pay a premium for it – but you get what you pay for. I have one point of contact, no complex supplier network to manage, and I pay one invoice that is always fair and easy to understand.


Having Bold & Reeves onside significantly reduces my need for permanent staff. My property manager is usually somewhere local to me and can arrive in minutes if there is an emergency, and he absorbs many of the duties of care that used to occupy my time – or members of my team. It’s a palpable sense of relief.


My principal sense of value from Bold & Reeves lies in the fact that I am less exposed to exploitation from my supplier network. Our property manager handles all contractors on our behalf – which means we are no longer liable for complex negotiations in areas outside of our expertise


If anything goes wrong with a job and a repair or refund is needed, my property manager picks up the slack, and they have the same attitude towards costs as we do – never overpay. This gives me priceless peace of mind.


A big advantage to the Bold & Reeves service is anonymity, which relates directly to security and peace of mind. My property manager represents me and my home, and takes care of the admin, which means I get to stay off the radar.


Our Bold & Reeves property manager is a breath of fresh air – professional,
approachable, efficient, adaptable and, most importantly, able to work with us. Congratulations on an excellent fit – it’s great to finally have the house running in a hassle free manner.