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Peace of Mind for London’s Luxury Homeowners

Since it launched in 2012, Bold & Reeves has earned a reputation as London’s premier provider of management, maintenance and monitoring services to London’s finest properties.

A combination of experienced property managers and world leading technology enables us to help homeowners of luxury property in and around London to minimise the risk of things going wrong in their home, whilst also reducing their total cost of ownership. In so doing, we provide a convenient solution that delivers peace of mind and value enhancement to the most discerning homeowners.

WHY? At Bold & Reeves our mission is to protect the value and reduce the total cost of ownership of luxury homes in and around London.

It’s common knowledge that prevention is better than cure, which is why people proactively manage their health – usually with the help of experts, via a service that is tailored to suit their lifestyle. No doubt you do the same for your car. Bold & Reeves offers a similar approach to managing their client’s homes, meaning fewer potential problems go unnoticed and fewer things break down. This results in reduced running costs and increased peace of mind.

WHAT? Our approach to the asset management of luxury homes is centred around proactivity and continuity of knowledge.

At Bold & Reeves we take responsibility for the implementation and expenditure of all maintenance activities, working with our partners to oversee the details of every intervention, generating data supported savings as we do so. A service is only ever as good as the professionals that deliver it, and our trusted partners are best in class, having come via client recommendations and passed a rigorous screening and vetting process, before proving their capabilities again and again in practice.

WHO? Bold & Reeves clients are luxury homeowners, some of whom are permanently in residence and others who live overseas. Like many high net worth people they are time-poor and cost-conscious, and vulnerable to exploitation from their supplier network.

Our team of experienced Property Managers helps to mitigate these risks, by working with our partner network to minimise our client’s exposure, and consistently reduce the total cost of ownership as they do so. Your home should be a haven of calm, comfort and contentment – a place to spend quality time with family and friends, free from the problems of repair, management and maintenance. At Bold & Reeves we ensure it remains so, by shouldering responsibility for your home and solving these issues for you.

HOW? In the same way as a full service history improves the value and saleability of your car, the Bold & Reeves Logbook utilises technology to record the details of every intervention that is made on our client’s behalf, supporting our people to identify and service all requirements with immediacy, while presenting this activity back to our clients in real time.

Over time not only does this demonstrate unparalleled levels of care and upkeep for our client’s homes to potential buyers, but also uniquely consistent savings in ownership costs, as their properties are enhanced. They are left feeling supported, trusting, richer in time and money, and hassle-free.

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