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Bold & Reeves Partners with UMBRA International

As part of Bold & Reeves’ continual expansion, the luxury property management company has partnered with UMBRA International, a company that provides bespoke protective and proactive security and secure lifestyle solutions for UHNWIs. By working together, Bold & Reeves will be able to provide a holistic offering of security for clients that covers everything from security personnel hiring to robust technology solutions for the home.

More and more high-net-worth individuals do not have the right protocols for their personal and professional security because of the constant advancements and changes in technology and lifestyle. The rate at which this change takes place is hard to keep up with and that’s where UMBRA International steps in. As experts in both physical as well as online protection, they are masters at keeping people safe in the holistic sense. What’s more, the company makes it easy for individuals to understand how to integrate security into their daily lives – from being able to operate the systems in their own home to matching the correct Security and Household personnel to a client’s needs.

As part of this new partnership, UMBRA International will offer clients a home security review when they join Bold & Reeves. This review assesses all areas of the home, lifestyle and personnel planning that may need additional review. UMBRA International and Bold & Reeves can then come up with a project plan to deliver on these findings.

Nick Samuels, COO at Bold & Reeves says: “We are so grateful to be working with UMBRA International. Working with such experts in security enables us to deliver a holistic service for our clients so they can rest assured that their property and their lifestyle is safe and secure.”

Kate Bright, CEO and Founder of UMBRA International, comments: “Safety and security are very personal and hyper-personalised and clients need discretion, privacy, attention to detail, and empathy. It’s great to find a partner who appreciates those values and helps us protect clients in a way that suits them.”

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